Fireworks 2024- The Marietta Tradition Continues

Written by Gary Schatz, Marietta Fireworks Committee

The suspense is building for this year’s fireworks show, preparations have been underway for months. We’ve purchased necessary supplies and equipment. We’ve displayed and advertised at various community events such as Donegal Fish and Conservation Association in March, Cherry Blossom Festival, Mayfest 2024, and Marietta Day. Final safety training and testing are near completion. The planning for the Mount Joy, Marietta, and Maytown Memorial Day parades is coming along nicely.
While this is all happening, we are designing the show itself. For many the show may not look different, but with the addition of more electronics at ground level, it certainly will not be the same. This year we will be assembling much of our display offsite, then trailering it onto the field the day of the show.
Many ask why we are having the show Thursday and not Saturday? This is in response to requests of having the show on the actual July 4th holiday. The plan for the future is to continue to schedule the show on the 4th when it occurs Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Therefore if the 4th is on a Sunday through Wednesday we’ll revert back to a Saturday show. One of the things we consider is next day cleanup. A lot of the cleanup crew is from the Community Bible Church, many in our crew have to work the day after the show, and the Marietta Boat Club cleanup crew has to work the day after the show, also.
Once again, the two main viewing areas are the Marietta Community Bible Church (CBC) and War Memorial Park. CBC has plenty to do starting at 4:00: Food trucks, live music from Common Vine, and family-oriented activities. Plenty of parking is free, but donations are appreciated. All proceeds go entirely to the fireworks display. We still continue our search for appropriate activities at War Memorial Park. Who knows something may happen this year?
Since 2018, we created Marietta Fireworks as a 501(c)(3) non profit. All donations go directly toward the purchase of the fireworks, equipment, supplies, and advertising. All members are volunteers. We encourage community involvement. We consider the event a success when we hear of families gathering, local taverns, pubs, and restaurants having significant increase of business, and bed and breakfasts having many extra guests. Local businesses donating their service is also important. David de Vitry created and maintains our website. Fuel for the volunteers is extremely important! Kristen’s Katering provides breakfast the day of the show and at the next day cleanup. Marco’s Restaurant & Pizzeria provides lunch. Steve Shireman and crew of the Marietta Legion take care of us at supper. Cleanup is so important, and Republic Services provides a rolloff making that chore less stressful.
There are many ways to support and donate to Marietta Fireworks. Purchase a “Get a Bang in Marietta PA” t-shirt (supplied by Mark and Nancy Herman), Marietta Fireworks Paypal, or checks made out to “Marietta Fireworks” and mailed to:
Marietta Fireworks
1090 West Main St.
Mount Joy, PA 17552
Thanks in advance for your support and enjoy the show!
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