Marietta Fireworks- Looking Back at 2023 and Forward to 2024

Written by Gary Schatz, Marietta Fireworks

It’s hard to believe our 2023 season is over with a successful show July 1st. We had our customary follow up meeting July 29th with good suggestions and recaps. Now it’s time to get ready for 2024. The first change is that we are not going to have the show as usual on the Saturday closest to the 4th. We’ve had many requests to have the show on the 4th whenever we can, so we’re going to try it this year and see how it goes. We are already getting good replies and support.

Most people don’t understand the debris created from a fireworks display. We had the best cleanup crew Sunday morning that anyone could have. Community Bible Church had so many people, the Marietta Boat Club brought their lawn mowers, and of course many from our fireworks team. This is of utmost importance above and beyond the display itself. For 2024, anyone that wants to volunteer for cleanup, let us know. Tailgate breakfast at 7:00, instructions at 7:30, cleanup starts at 7:45.

We also discussed the support we received from the community. Kristen’s Katering, Marco’s Restaurant & Pizzeria, and the Marietta American Legion all made sure we were well fed. We had a surprise from The Shank Shoppe with new t-shirts for the crew. We are also fortunate to have the continued financial support from the many local businesses, clubs, and individuals from Marietta and surrounding towns. Also, thanks to all the people taking video and pictures: Caleb Miller, Cohen Miller, Kathleen Griffey Harrison, Dudley Hooper, and Tabitha Sinopoli. Additionally, Marietta Pioneer Fire Co. never lets us down.

Finally, tell your friends and family to spend the 4th in Marietta for 2024. Arrive here Wednesday or Thursday, stay at one of the best B & B’s around with the added benefit of the most spectacular fireworks viewing. Enjoy many of our fine pubs and restaurants. Why not take time to enjoy a performance at the Susquehanna Stage Company while you’re here? Bring your bikes and tour the Northwest River Trail. You don’t have a bike? Stop by Lancaster Recumbent and check out their inventory. Like to explore the river? See Marty at Chiques Rock Outfitters. Best of all, stay Sunday and visit one of our many churches. This is why we do what we do.