Summertime in Marietta

Written by Trish Ries
A ripple in the water, like a ripple in time
Sunbaked memories on the river stone below
Smooth steps under the arch of our feet
Retracing memories carved in the trees.

Sun rays leave their tattoo upon our skin
Laughter can be heard above the splashing of water
Dogs are making zoomies throughout the yard
The lingering smell of barbeque is in the air.

Timeless tunes playing on the radio
Friendly neighbors passing by
Goodwill gestures passed along
Unity embraced amongst one another. 

Sunbursts in the sky
Sparkles in every child’s eye
State of the art, made by American
The pride we know and love

Loved ones celebrating fellowship
Reminiscing about those no longer here
Their memories live on forever
Filling the air with love.

Road trips to destinations unknown
Building bonds like bridges over tormented seas
Your song keeps bringing me back
It’s good to be home.