May 2023


Elizabethtown College Puts On Hurricane Agnes Historical Event

Written by Jean-Paul Benowitz, Elizabethtown College On Sunday April 16, 2023, Elizabethtown College Honors students, enrolled in a Public Heritage Studies Guided Research and Writing Community Based Learning Course, showcased their Civically Engaged Research project, launching a National Trust for Historic Preservation “This Place Matters” campaign, for the National Historic District of Marietta, Pennsylvania. The


Marietta Generations: A Drive Down Memory Lane

Written by Darlene Pruett and Kathy Leaman ~ friends and admirers We have participated in and have been members of the Marietta Restoration Associates (MRA) and The Marietta Community House. Rivertownes PA USA is a direct descendant of MRA. We are impressed with the number of volunteer organizations still benefiting Marietta. We have always been


Marietta Special Fire Police Seeks Volunteers

Written by Steve Bailey, Captain-Marietta Special Fire Police The Marietta Special Fire Police was formed in the 1930s, I think, to basically give the older members of the fire company a job when they could no longer actively fight fires. In 1988, the Fire Police separated from the Fire Company and became a separate volunteer