Marietta Fireworks Committee Asks for Your Continued Support

Since approximately 1958, Marietta has had a fireworks show performed by volunteers from our community. Many may remember the days of the carnival by the Marietta Jaycees that concluded with a fireworks display. After the Jaycees disbanded, the show continued by the Carnival Committee for a few years, then the Pioneer Fire Company took over for two years. Unfortunately, after that the show was dormant for two years. In 2017, volunteers of our community formed Marietta Fireworks, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Again in 2021, Marietta Fireworks plans on entertaining our community. Last year we stressed about even having our show due to the pandemic. We decided to minimize our audience by scaling back advertising and publicity. We canceled entertainment plans for War Memorial Park. Thankfully, Community Bible Church offered activities, parking, and incredible viewing opportunities. Donations were accepted upon entering the church driveway which were then applied toward the 2021 show. It ended well, as we were one of the few activities in Marietta that accomplished anything resembling normal. We were also one of the few shows in Lancaster County for the July 4th, 2020 celebration. We felt we were going to continue, because it was something during a trying time that would reflect a “just what we needed” element.

This year we will once again offer a fantastic fireworks display. Community Bible Church is in the planning process which will include bounce houses, fun family activities, and food trucks. Potential activities at War Memorial Park are still in the discussion phase. Parking and viewing will still be available at the park. Once again, we will be seeking as much publicity as available, such as submitting a float in local parades, newspaper articles, brochures, and fliers.

The show is performed entirely by volunteers. All money collected is applied to the cost of the fireworks and minor expenses. As may be expected, funding for the show this year will be difficult. Many of our sponsors are struggling through the pandemic. We are fortunate to have the sponsorship of a few loyal donors. To continue the quality of the display, though, we are offering additional opportunities for people to donate. The two best ways to keep up to date with donation opportunities and other information is by visiting our new website at and our “Marietta Fireworks” Facebook page.

Finally, if again a sense of “just what we needed” will put a smile on the faces of many people, share our Facebook page and updates, keep current with our website, and donate whatever amount possible.

Come see the fireworks on Saturday July 3rd, 2021!