Marietta, PA Pets & Owners Facebook Page

Written by Trisha Ries
There is a wonderful little Facebook page that would make any Mariettian pet owner proud- Marietta, PA Pets & Owners. I remember receiving the invitation to join the page, and I was asked to share a picture of my furbabies to the local pets album along with their names, my name, and my location. I immediately thought “This is great”! A page dedicated to just Marietta and our pets.” While other pages for lost and found pets exist, posts often get lost or flooded on pages such as Help Find Toby or Help Find Sophie. While all of these sites can be a great resource for lost pets and other pet related news; I reached out to Marietta, PA Pets and Owners page administrator Emily Marie Rutter to find out more about the page she created.

1) What inspired you to create the page?
I was inspired by the fact that many people unfortunately post almost regularly about their pets going missing on other sites and I felt like every time a post was made it would become buried in all the other posts about multiple things or that some people would criticize them for posting there which made me feel so upset, so I decided, there needed to be a judge-free place where people could connect and make sure that if a pet went missing especially, or if any other pet related post was made it, it absolutely would be seen and hopefully the missing pet would be found quickly.

2) In creating the page, what were some goals you were/are hoping to achieve?
I was definitely hoping to achieve an easier way to help others come together and help one another with any pet related issues or freely advertise pet related services.

3) What kind of pets do you have?
I currently have one pet, his name is Finley. He is a Chorkie (Chihuahua- Yorkie), he is two years old and he absolutely loves people, all of our neighbors and their pets who are his best friends and going to the park!

4) Where would you like to see the page in the next year?
I love where the page is at currently, we have an incredible amount of followers that grows almost daily, there is zero drama, irrelevant posts, or judgement and I’m hopeful that everyone is pleased with the page and its purpose. I wouldn’t mind seeing it grow more though! But if anyone ever has any suggestions on how to make the page better, feel free to always reach out to me. I love to hear feedback.
Whether you are a cat lover, dog lover, bird lover, or an everyday pet enthusiast, there is a page that you can always check out for tips, tricks, and cute furry pictures to your heart’s content.