Fun Socially-Distanced Summer Activities

Written by Harper Kitchen

  1. Go on a walk or run.
  2. Go to get ice cream at a place in town (Ex: Mulberry Thrill or McCleary’s).
  3. Bake one of your favorite treats like cookies, banana bread, or brownies.
  4. Make friendship bracelets.
  5. Clean your house and do some laundry.
  6. Have a self-care night!! Take a bath, do a face mask, and binge a TV show (Gossip Girl, The Office, etc.).
  7. Drive to a near-by hiking trail and go on a hike and have a picnic.
  8. Make your own mask and pick a fun pattern!
  9. Write letters to people.
  10. Set up a kiddie pool in your backyard and just relax.
  11. Get out sprinklers or a hose to have fun with.
  12. Start a garden.
  13. Go online shopping!!
  14. Pick up a new hobby like dancing, playing the guitar, or painting.

Even though the Coronavirus pandemic has affected all of our summers, there are still so many great ways to make it fun. Remember to keep wearing your masks!