Drink Recipe: The Lavender Mule

Written by Rebeca Shinsky, Bartender at Railroad House Inn
1-2 oz.  Penn Square Lavender vodka
Fevertree Ginger Beer
Lemon juice
Vanilla simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water with vanilla beans or syrup)
Lemon  Wheel (for garnish)

Light & elegant, locally distilled Penn Square Lavender Vodka gives this Mule a refreshing twist.

Traditionally served in a copper mug, the only real benefit is keeping the drink extra cold.  A glass vessel will work just as well.  If using copper, it should be lined with something like stainless steel.  A glass vessel will work just as well.

Personal taste will dictate the amount of lemon and vanilla syrup.  Tarter tongues will want more lemon; sweeter palates should use more syrup.

Making simple syrup with vanilla beans is aesthetically desirable, but can be pricey.  Madagascar vanilla beans will run about $29 for ten 5″ beans (on Amazon).  Choosing to use vanilla extract will cut the cost.  A basic comparison is 1-2″ of vanilla bean equals 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.  Using one cup of water and one cup of syrup, you would need to use one 5″ vanilla bean or one tablespoon of syrup.

Fevertree Ginger Beer is preferable.  This is a stirred drink as the Ginger Beer is carbonated.

Garnish with lemon wheel and enjoy!