Last Remnants of Maytown Streetscape Uncovered

Some of the last remnants the Maytown’s historic brick and stone streets have been uncovered in the High Street construction project. Nineteenth Century brick sidewalks and remnants of river stone street gutters were dug up as the street, storm drains, sewer lines, and sidewalks were repaired or replaced. The East High Street Improvement Project began in June and will likely continue in to 2020.

Nineteenth century streets were usually little more than slightly mounded earth allowing rain runoff in to stone lined gutters. Without some protective lining in the gutters, they would become ever deepening gullies. The easiest, most available, solution in “rivertowns” was the stone from the river – also used as “cobblestones” in major city thoroughfares.

Digging in front of the Cassidy’s on East High Street uncovered brick sidewalk in a herringbone pattern using leftover brick of every description—some hard glazed, some soft Maytown brick, of various thickness, laid in a pattern on sand or ashes. The last remaining brick sidewalk on the Square will be replaced with concrete.


Save the dates:

Maytown Historical Society Breakfast — March 14 for more info

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