Written by Rebeca Shinsky, Bartender at Railroad House Inn
10-15 fresh (or frozen) cranberries
Dry champagne 1 oz. Pear Brandy
1/2 tsp. orange zest Rosemary sprig for garnish
Everyone seems to think summer has the lock on
the creative cocktail category, but cold weather
concoctions can be just as refreshing and inventive.
This is an easy crowd-pleasing drink with festive
visual punch!
This recipe makes two cocktails; double (or triple) ingredients to make more.
STEP ONE – Muddle cranberries with the orange zest in a glass or bowl.
STEP TWO – Pour Brandy over berries and stir gently. Using a clear liqueur
such as Koenig Distillery Pear Brandy (available in Lancaster liquor stores)
will keep the drink light and effervescent.
STEP THREE – Allow the brandy to meld with the cranberries a few
minutes. This step could be prepared ahead of time to give your drink a
boozier aspect.
STEP FOUR – Transfer berry mixture to your desired drinking vessel and
top with the champagne, don’t stir and serve immediately. There should
be an ombre effect with cranberries settling to the bottom and the bubbles
to the top!
STEP FIVE – A rosemary garnish adds seasonal color, but more importantly,
creates an olfactory tease that perfectly complements this drink!
STEP SIX – Enjoy!