Meet the Pets of Marietta: Hank

Name: Hank
Age: 1 1⁄2 years old
Breed: Mini Lope
Owners : Nikki Chapman & Tony Mohr
Favorite food: He goes bananas over kale, dried papayas, and
loves crunching on almonds for treats. He will try and snag a
tortilla chip when possible, he loves Taco Tuesdays!
Dislikes: 1. Doesn’t like carrots 2. Don’t stop rubbing his
forehead 3. Don’t make a cup of hot tea without giving him some
nibbles of tea!
Likes: Hank loves to adventure in the outdoors, whether it’s
picking strawberries in his sombrero hat, or enjoying nibbling on
cilantro and dandelions from the garden in his strawberry outfit, to
doing a binky at the vacuum. He loves dressing up as different things
and on hot days Hank loves laying on the air vents and taking naps.

Hank says: “Spoiled? No way! Just living the dream!”
Hobbies: He loves working on his triple decker cardboard fort.
Hank’s life goal is to star in the lead role in Peter Rabbit 2!