The Old Fashioned

Written by Rebeca Shinsky

A true classic, the Old Fashioned seemingly has a variation for every year since it’s 1881
introduction… in Louisville Kentucky, of course!
The recipe changes by locale, era or whimsy, but the original concoction was apparently quite
simple: sugar, bitters, and booze, with a bit of lemon if you were in a fancy joint. The traditional
recipe omits the cherries, but regional preference seems to favor using them. The one required
constant in this recipe is a quality Bourbon whiskey.

1/2 teaspoon (or to taste) Sugar in the Raw
maraschino cherry
small orange wedge
2 oz Bourbon Whiskey (Bulleit Rye or Old Overholt Rye work well)
splash of soda water

In the bottom of a rocks glass, muddle the sugar, cherry, and orange wedge. Add a dash of
bitters and muddle a bit more. I like to add half the whiskey at this point and allow to meld for a
moment. Fill the rocks glass to the rim with ice and then add the remaining whiskey.
Using a spare glass of the same size or larger, pour the mixture back and forth between the two,
ending in the original glass. The muddled fruit remains in the glass. At this point, there should
be a residual amount of sugar in the empty glass. Spritz a SMALL amount of soda water into the
residue glass and swirl around, essentially capturing the sugar with the soda water. Splash this
little bit onto the top of the filled glass and enjoy!