10 Tips and Tricks To Prepare For the Upcoming School Year

By: Harper and Molly Kitchen
As kids ourselves, we know how hard it is to get used to the new school year, so we have 10 tips
and tricks to make sure your family is ready to make this year great!

  1. Get a head start on back to school shopping! You’ll be much more relaxed once you realize that
    you have everything you need!
  2. Make sure you visit the school and meet your teachers before the year starts!  This way you can
    figure out your way around the school and get to know everyone.
  3. Make a note to do educational and interesting activities throughout the summer to keep your
    brain sharp.  Try visiting a museum or reading a book. Libraries or educational summer camps
    are good ideas as well!
  4. Try to reconnect with school friends before the school year starts.  Having friends at school will
    make the experience much more enjoyable.
  5. Look at your school’s extracurricular activities.  Sports and clubs are a great way to make friends
    and find new interests.  Maybe try something new!
  6. Start getting back on a school sleep schedule before the school year starts.  Make sure you are
    getting to bed earlier and waking up when you need to. It’ll make the transition smoother, and
    help you feel much more ready for the day ahead!
  7. Clean your room before the year starts.  It will help you feel in control and have a blank canvas
    for the new school year. Clean out your closet, get rid of old things, etc.
  8. Make sure you have all the supplies you need for any school activities.  For example, if you play
    soccer, make sure you have a soccer ball, cleats, etc.
  9. Reflect on the past school year.  What went well? What could you do better?  This will help with
    the upcoming year.
  10. Don’t stress about school too much.  School is important, and should be taken seriously, but
    remember to enjoy life and take care of yourself.

We know it’s getting close to school starting up again, but remember to enjoy summer while it