Marietta Special Fire Police Seeks Volunteers

The Marietta Special Fire Police was formed in the 1930s, I think, to basically give the older
members of the fire company a job when they could no longer actively fight fires. In 1988, the
Fire Police separated from the fire company and became a separate volunteer organization under
the authority of the mayor of Marietta and Susquehanna Regional Police Dept. However, the
members of the fire police are still required to be members of the Marietta Fire Company, under
the regulations of the state of PA. Fire police groups that are separate from fire companies are
known as Special Fire Police.
The Marietta Special Fire Police are a 100% volunteer organization, and every year our ranks are
getting smaller. I fear that if we don’t get some new volunteers, this organization will be gone
within about five years.
Q: What are some of the requirements to join the Marietta Special Fire Police?
A: All officers must join the fire company and then take the basic fire police course within one
year. The Marietta Special Fire Police pays for all training and equipment. There are other
restrictions that we will explain to you. You do not get to put a blue light on your car right away
and run to fires.
We would also like to form a support group of people who would be interested in helping us with
other tasks to keep our organization going such as fund-raising events, manning our stands at
events like Marietta Day, and helping with administrative work.
If anyone is interested in more information, they can contact me at
and I will get back to you.

Steve Bailey, Captain
Marietta Special Fire Police