The Iron Chorus

Written by Trevor Williams


Again today, we hear the call,

Their voices rising on the air.

The chorus singing out, 

Signaling to all who are there.

Like clockwork, they sing.

The beautiful gargantuan things.


Again today, a song of work.

Tirelessly toiling the time away.

We watch and wonder the destination.

The streamlined beauty remarked

Under lunar illumination.

Whence they came? Where do they go?

They never seem to regard 

That only few will know.


Whether we know or not,

They sing on still. 

Calling to us while we dream, 

For good or for ill.

Singing through sleep 

A song that we’ll miss. How often are considered their songs as pure bliss?


Stay your path, oh beautiful ones. 

Your road is long, and your 

Work never done.