Mayfest Review

Written by Molly and Harper Kitchen

Mayfest is a celebration of the beginning of spring and the end of winter and a great way to celebrate and enjoy the beauty of nature. Most importantly, it is a great way to bring the community together. Mayfest is held every year in Maytown, on the first Saturday in May. Now here’s an overview of the event, in case you didn’t get to attend this amazing festival yourself:

There were many different events at the festival, including a traditional Maypole dance performed by students at Donegal Intermediate School. Second grade students at Donegal Primary School additionally sang the songs “Old Dan Tucker” and “Little Liza Jane”. There was also a variety of different stands and vendors, offering things like food, clothes, accessories, and more. Mayfest also has an annual cake walk in which there were many delicious cakes. Mayfest is an important part of the Donegal community, bringing people from the whole area together to watch performances, eat great food, and buy amazing items!

Mayfest isn’t just about cake walks though, or what’s for sale at the stands. It’s about the people you meet and the great feeling of being part of a loving community. That’s what we want you to remember from this year’s Mayfest.