Would You Like to Get Involved in Marietta Government?

The best way to get involved and follow along in Borough government is to attend the meetings. Full council meetings are held once a month, on the second Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. in Borough Hall. This is where official action is taken and votes are held to determine spending and policy issues. But the actual work, learning and discussing the issues in depth, is usually done in committee. Committee meetings are held at various times throughout the month, all public and all advertised on the Borough calendar.

These committees include:

Administrative – responsible for Borough employees;

Public Outreach – responsible for Borough communication of public events and other information with residents;

Planning, Zoning, & Environmental – long-term planning for the borough, drafting and reviewing zoning and other ordinances, and addressing environmental issues in our community;

Public Works – street paving and maintenance, snow removal, trash, recycling, parks;

Public Safety – police and fire relations.

By law, every meeting, whether it involves the full council or a small committee, is open to the public and accepts public comment. Most boroughs only provide one opportunity for community input, but Marietta offers two – at the beginning of the meeting, and again at the end. We ask that residents limit themselves to three minutes for individual comments, and nine minutes for those presenting on behalf of a group.

Commenting at council meetings is easy. Contact the Borough office ten days prior to the meeting to be placed on the agenda. Or, simply attend the meeting and stand up or raise your hand during the public comment session. You will be asked to give your name and address, and will then be free to voice your concerns. If you are part of a group of citizens all sharing the same concerns, you can always stand, give your name and address, and say you agree.  We ask that you remain respectful and polite. Council members are not required to respond to any comments, but we’re a talkative bunch, and often try to do so. The council president will provide an update on what actions resulted from your comments at the next meeting.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, you are welcome to leave a note or letter at the Borough office, and we will include it in the record for the next council meeting.

The Marietta Borough Council will continue to strive for greater transparency and improved communication. We look forward to your participation!