Festival to Celebrate 100 Years of Marietta Community House

Kids and their parents are invited to drop by The Marietta Community House for games, food, and fun on June 22nd from 11:30 to 4:00. The event is in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 1919 dedication of the building to the people of Marietta by the Hiestand family in memory of their son, Benjamin, and in tribute to other World War I veterans.  The festivities will focus on a theme of “old time” fun and games that were popular around 1919 when the Community House was donated. Cornhole, bean bag toss, face painting, jacks, ring toss, and many other fun activities are planned for the afternoon. Hot dogs, soft pretzels and other early 20th Century foods will be served. In the event of rain, the festivities will be held in the studio behind the Community House.


Marietta Community House Seeks to Recognize Marietta Veterans

It is the hope of The Board of Directors of the Marietta Community House to recognize all Marietta veterans and enlisted military. Please submit names and other information for any currently serving enlistees or veterans who have lived or are living in the Marietta area. Please email as much of the information below as possible to lbaker@  or send the below form to The Marietta Community House, Veterans Day Program, Box 485 Marietta, PA 17547. Thank you for helping with this endeavor to recognize our currently serving military and our veterans.




Name of currently serving enlistee or veteran:____________________________________


Birthdate______________________Death date (if applicable) _______________________


Address (when enlisted)____________________/________________________/____________________

Street town state


Military Branch:___________________ Rank: ___________ _______________________


Dates of Service:_________________________


Where served:_________________________________________________________________


Other information you would like to provide: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Provider‘s name:__________________________ Phone or email:_________________________