How Can You Help Keep Marietta Beautiful?

Do you love the cherry trees along Front Street? Would you like to ensure that they will stay healthy, and help to make Marietta even more beautiful? The Marietta Beautification Committee has two active programs, with several more in the planning stage. We need volunteers to mow grass, trim cherry trees, and water planters.

  1. Maintain the Cherry Trees and lawn on Front Street.Depending on the year, it can cost several thousand dollars per year to trim trees, treat disease, and mow underneath the canopy of cherry trees on Front Street. 

Volunteer Need: Mowing. We supply the mower, gas, and instructions. You supply sweat. Mowing occurs weekly to biweekly.

Volunteer Need: Trimming and branch collection. On the morning of Saturday, June 15th we will be trimming the cherry trees, and clearing “weed” trees along Front Street. We supply instructions and a truck to haul away the branches. You supply pruners, chainsaws, and sweat! Trimming is done for about 4 hours.

  1. Planters on Market Street: This summer you will be seeing an improvement in the existing planters in regards to maintenance and plant selection. Our expert horticulturists John Enterline and Ronn Short will be choosing the best suited soil and plants to endure the shady north side, and sunny south side of the street. Planters will be “adopted” and part of the adoption will include maintenance by the Beautification Committee. We need volunteers to help water the planters. If you are interested in adopting a planter, please see the contact information below.

Interested in watering, or adopting planters? Contact Steve Ulrich: or call (717) 283-4737 and ask about the planter program.

Interested in mowing or cherry tree trimming? Contact Bob Heiserman: or call (717) 426-4350.

We look forward to working with you through the summer!