Community House Celebrates 100 Years of Community with Salute to Veterans

One hundred years have passed since The Marietta Community House was donated to the people
of Marietta by the Hiestand family in memory of their son, Benjamin, who was killed while
serving in World War I. In remembrance of the reasoning for the donation of this historic
building and to recognize the service of Marietta veterans, the Community House Board has
planned a special Veterans Day agenda for this centennial year of its existence. Using the
service of Benjamin Hiestand as a springboard, the Community House would like to compile a
registry of all Marietta residents that are currently or have served our country in the armed

Fairly detailed records up to WWII are available for those Marietta Borough enlistees who were
in the service during a conflict; but, since then records are scarce. It is the hope of the MCH
Board that the Traveler readers will submit names and some other information for any currently
serving enlistees or veterans who have lived or are living in the Marietta area. Please email
lbaker@ and complete as much of the information below as possible or send the
below form to The Marietta Community House, Veterans List, Box 485 Marietta, Pa 17547.
Thank you for helping with this endeavor to recognize our currently serving military and our


Name of currently serving enlistee or veteran:____________________________________
Address (when
Street town state
Current Address (or Cemetery name and
Phone number:_________________________
Military Branch:___________________ Rank: ___________ Dates of
service:_________________________ where served:_____________________________
Other information you would like to provide:
Provider‘s name:_______________________________ Phone:_________________________