Meet the Pets of Marietta

Pet Owners Take Note: We’re planning a Marietta pet-themed issue of the Traveler as our next edition, and
we’ll be trying to feature lots of Marietta pets. Keep a close eye on The Marietta Traveler Facebook page to find
out how you might be able to get your pet in the The Traveler in 2019.

Our “Pet of the Issue” for this edition is Sophie. Sophie earned the honor by being the most “liked” pet for our
contest on the Marietta Traveler Facebook page. Name: Sophie

Owner: Montana Hemperly
Age: 1.5 years
Hobbies”: Lounging around and eating Favorite foods: Anything she can get her paws on
Dislikes: Vacuums, belly rubs, and when outdoor cats sneak in to the house

Sophie’s owner, Montana Hemperly says: “(Sophie) has
quite the sass for a small cat, so don’t let her cute face
fool you. She likes hiding in bags and playfully attacking
any ankle that goes by. Her favorite toy is a little toy
mouse that she brings to bed with her every night.”