Meet the Pets of Marietta

Our inaugural “Pet of the Issue” is Penny. Penny earned the honor by being the most “liked” pet for our contest on the Marietta Traveler Facebook page. If you’d like to see your Marietta (or Maytown) pet in a future issue of the Marietta Traveler, keep an eye on the Marietta Traveler Facebook page for our next contest.

Name: Penny Nichols
Owner: Jennifer Nichols
Breed: Beagle/Jack Russell mix (Jackabee)
Age: 1.5 years
“Hobbies”: Stealing the remote, snuggling with her mom, playing fetch and tug, chasing bunnies, eating mom’s socks
Favorite foods: Penny loves chewing on ice cubes but she will eat anything you put in front of her – she especially likes sneaking pizza crust off your plate.
Dislikes: Getting her nails done. The noise from the vacuum.

Penny’s owner (Jennifer Nichols) says: “I rescued Penny in November 2017. She had given birth to five pups and needed a new home of her own. From the moment I met her I knew she was meant to be with me. I sat on the floor and she approached me and gave me a hug (paws on my shoulders). We have been inseparable since. She loves riding in the car and I take her with me as many places as I can. She loves to play with the other dogs in the family and recently started attending day care at Playful Pups Retreat. On the days she attends, I ask her if she’s ‘ready for school’ and she goes crazy! She’s my constant companion and makes every day brighter.”