Promoting our Town and Trail

Over the next year, you might notice film crews and drones hanging
around town and the trail. Don’t worry… they are all part of a project
with MRA and Steve Ulrich’s team at Wilkum Studios. Partnering with
MABA, MRA was recently awarded a Susquehanna Riverlands mini-grant
to develop a series of videos to inform and entertain the public about
the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail, the history and heritage of
the Rivertowns of Columbia, Marietta, and Wrightsville and to create an
overview of the Susquehanna Riverlands landscape.

The video will be used to promote and protect the natural resources
and recreational highlights of the River Trail; protect the history and
heritage of our historic Rivertowns, and promote the current economic
and cultural opportunities that exist and are building our local
economies, with a focus on education and tourism along the trail.

When complete this project will enhance the visitor’s overall
experience while spending time in Marietta, and our surrounding
towns. Whether the visitor is an outdoor enthusiast, riding on the trail
or paddling down the Susquehanna River, or a history buff, wanting to
learn more about the rich heritage of Marietta and our Rivertowns, this
project will help provide an enhanced experience in the community.

The mini-grant is funded by the PA Department of Conservation and
Natural Resources, Community Conservation Partnership program and
its partner Susquehanna Riverlands Conservation Landscape, managed
by the Lancaster County Conservancy