Our Marietta – Planning Our Future Together

It’s easy to forget how many wonderful assets our  community has! Our Marietta is a local initiative working  both to cultivate relationships among residents, business  leaders, local government, and  community  organizations… and to develop and  enact a plan that ensures we  are poised to leverage the  benefits of our natural  and cultural treasures.

Our Marietta is  asking everyone to  come together and  plan for the future.  There are a variety  of ways for you to get  involved:  

Take a Survey. There are  three surveys available through that are looking for input from  residents, business owners, and trail users. Whether you  identify yourself with one or all of those categories, take a  few minutes to share your ideas.  

Take a Walk. At 1:00 PM on Sunday, June 25,  all Mariettians are invited to a community event at  the Marietta Community House designed to help us  re-discover our town. Following a  brief introduction, participants  will walk the streets in  groups discussing  various aspects of  the Borough. This  workshop will  be an interesting  opportunity to  meet fellow citizens  and to engage in  some lively discussions.  Refreshments will reward  those who participate!  

Take a Little Time. Stay informed by visiting for ongoing updates on this  community initiative.