All Dogs Go To Marietta

Written by Trisha Ries  

If you are lucky enough to have a dog, you want to  take them everywhere! Why should you have all of the  fun while your dog sits at home? That’s why I wanted  to put together a list of pet- friendly places in our area  where our four-legged family member can tag along, too.  As a bonus, I’ve included some pet-friendly resources for  those of us who love to travel just a little bit further.

You may already be familiar with some of the pet  friendly places we have here in Marietta, but just in case  you aren’t, here are a few pet friendly places in Marietta:

Marietta is not short on walking trails, thanks in part  to the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. Enjoy the beautiful  outdoors with your  favorite furry friend, and  be sure to check out  Chiques Rock Outfitters  along the way! Rent a  canoe and enjoy the  alluring Susquehanna River with your best friend.


 There are plenty of outdoor cafés and eateries  throughout Marietta that would  accommodate dining or having a drink  with your doggo. Pig Iron Brewing  Company will allow  well-behaved dogs on their brand new  deck. Shank’s Tavern will, as well, as long  as other deck patrons aren’t eating. You  can also grab a blanket and  have a picnic style lunch at  the Railroad House in their  enchanting garden. Grab  a small bite and enjoy the  sun at Heart Cafe’s outside  dining area, or grab a delicious slice of  pizza at Parma Pizza & Grill and enjoy the  nostalgic view of Marietta Square from  their outside tables. Always remember to be courteous  and clean up after yourself. Even Woodsey Owl would tell  you to “Give a hoot – Don’t Pollute.” Be sure to finish off  your day together by going into For the Love of Dog pet  shop and treat your furry friend to a well-deserved treat  or new toy that they picked out.  

Now that we have covered places in our community,  if you are itching to stretch out those traveling legs,  here are some additional resources that you may find  beneficial.

Resources for finding pet friendly places: is the ultimate resource to use  when planning your vacation. They have anything, and  everything you could possibly think of from lodging to  emergency pet care, it really has it all. has been around the longest, and  is filled to the brim with awesome travel information. Feel  like taking a pet friendly vacation abroad? Their database  includes pet friendly travel destinations worldwide! not only shares tips for  travel, but they include pet friendly vacation rentals by  state. Yes, I would love a rental by the beach, Thank you! has the best traveling tool  called the Road Trip Planner. Just enter your departure  and your destination, and check off the boxes that you  are interested in. Like magic, all of your pet friendly  destinations are listed on your map. It’s awesome! is the perfect site to use if you  have a particular destination in mind. They list all of the  top travel destinations, and you can even search by route.  Stop at a pet friendly attraction on your way to your pet  friendly destination.  

So, what are you waiting for?!? Viva la vacation!