Breakfast Anyone?

Written by Richard Washburn

There’s going to be a new eating place in Marietta. It’s called “Heart Café”.

Heart Cafe
Heart Cafe

Heart Café, at 17 East Market Street, is the dream of Leah Nagle. She and twenty one investors have come together, to form a community building venture bringing at least five new jobs, and a new and exciting place for the residents of Marietta to congregate.

They are presenting a café atmosphere, with inside seating for approximately twenty six diners, plus a patio that is planned to be covered for all season dining. The menu will consist of food centered around fruit and fresh local vegetables from Lancaster County.

Heart Café will be a full service cafe, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the menu will change with the seasons. The projected opening date for Heart Café is sometime in January.

You can find more information through their website at