Go Fish

Written by Rick Washburn

Ahh, spring. If it ever stops raining, the sun will shine and men, women, and children of all walks of life can pursue one of their favorite fair weather passions. Fishing.


Fishing is not as simple as the name implies, however. Many fishermen will go out for a specific fish. To do this, you must have the proper equipment. You need a separate tackle box to house the lures and rigs you need for each type of fish you plan to catch, and at least fifteen fishing poles and reels. Last count, I only have thirteen.

You then must decide where you’re going to fish. Your choice, of course, requires more special equipment to succeed. You have bank fishing, bridge and dam fishing, pond fishing, fly fishing, surf fishing, deep sea fishing, boat fishing, and more.

Most of the fishing in Marietta is done from the bank or from a boat. A boat, commonly referred to as a hole in the water that you pour money into, is the preferred method. The boat gives you mobility and allows you to fish in the different haunts of the species of fish you are seeking.

Bank fishing on the Susquehanna, less exciting than boat fishing, should not be ignored. It is cheaper, and there are a lot fish pulled in from the bank. There are some really large catfish lurking in the shallow waters near the shore.

If you’re lucky, you’ve already been taught to fish by a parent and have been fishing most of your life. If you are new to fishing, I suggest the book “Fishing for Dummies.” I feel totally qualified to say, it is my fishing bible. So… don’t just sit there, go out and buy a bunch of fishing gear and go fishing.

See ya on the river.